ー by kids for kids ー

Don’t throw that out! It’s art.

A child’s scribble on a piece of paper, cut-out scraps of paper and cardboard, a doodle that you mindlessly draw and throw away, or a crazy project jokingly talked about at the dinner table that immediately fades away. There are many creations that have been lost and forgotten like this. But, at The Cardboard Box Arcade, we think art is hidden in those places. Through the Eyes of artist of all ages at the Cardboard Box Arcade we can help you discover the ART and confidence in what you have begun, or are imagining.

So, yes, a little kid started the CARDBOARD BOX ARCADE!

Our T-shirts with illustrations by kids.

A variety of sizes, from babies to Adults.


Our bags, with illustrations by kids.
Large size, strong, easy to carry, SOOO useful!


Hey, this is so fun! Our stickers, with illustrations by kids!
Baseball, Bowling, and various faces.